Humans In Different Buildings Linked Brain To Brain

respondent22-750x422In one lab, an image of an object is shown to a study participant on a computer screen. The subject wears a cap connected to an electroencephalography (EEG) machine that monitors his brain waves.

Another participant, the asker, sits in another lab on campus. It’s her job to figure out what image the answerer was shown. The asker has a magnetic coil almost touching her skull. She selects a question from a list on a touchscreen to narrow down the object, 20-questions style.

The question she asks appears on the screen in front of the answerer. To the left and right of the screen are two LED lights, flashing at different frequencies. One side is labeled ‘yes’ and the other ‘no’. He answers the question by staring at the correct light. Chantel Prat, a psychologist at the University of Washington and a co-author on the paper, told Popular Science that the computer can distinguish what light he looks at because different frequencies of light trigger different brain patterns in response.


Drones Could Bring Better Medical Care To Rural Patients

kjcdjjNo matter what country they’re in, people living in rural places often don’t have access to high-quality medical care. Everything from emergency facilities, to pharmacies, to sophisticated labs for tests are often farther away. But according to a study published recently in the free-to-read journal PLOS One, drones could help bring better medical care to rural communities all over the world.

Companies like Amazon and researchers have already shown that drones can be a great way to transport small objects—the paths in which they fly are often more direct than cars’ sinuous routes, without the fuel use, or wear-and-tear of roads to boot.

To the study authors, drones would be most useful in bringing patient samples to more sophisticated labs, where they’re tested to be used in diagnoses or even regular checkups. As they write in the paper: “the majority of specimens are obtained in physician offices or clinics that tend to have small laboratories with limited testing menus. Thus samples must be transported to larger, more complex laboratories to provide the testing required for clinical care.”

This 3D Printed Robot Can Pick Up Even Your Most Fragile Mess

screen_shot_2015-09-29_at_3.58.44_pmRobotic hands aren’t typically known for being delicate or spontaneous. They’re more likely to be part of an assembly line, or specifically designed to do one task perfectly, over and over. But those days may be waning. A new robotic hand printed out of silicone by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) can pick up just about any object, no matter how delicate or strangely sized. The results were released today, and really, it can pick up any small object.

The variety is incredibly important. “If we want robots in human-centered environments, they need to be more adaptive and able to interact with objects whose shape and placement are not precisely known,” Daniela Rus, CSAIL’s director said in a statement. “Our dream is to develop a robot that, like a human, can approach an unknown object, big or small, determine its approximate shape and size, and figure out how to interface with it in one seamless motion.”

Sometimes, that means that the robot needs to be able to pick up things




In today’s world, most businesses are conducted online and websites are no longer a luxury but a necessity. For the business owners, the website not only works as a medium of showcasing their products and services, it also functions as a point of sale, a collector of database of customers and prospective leads. Earlier websites would have a “Contact Us” page with their contact information displayed and they were dependent on the probable client getting in touch with them. These days, website owners also include chat widgets to pro-actively engage the site visitors. On the other hand, the visitors on the website not only see the site design, layout, appearance and presentation; they also measure the companies by how fast the site works.

With so much dependent, it is important for any company to ensure they have the right hosting service to meet their needs. Currently there are many hosting service providers in the market and choosing the right one needs careful and in-depth research. Two companies that have been providing hosting services with great success are SiteGround

Developing Web or Mobile Apps Is Easier Than Ever Before With Nodejs

A simple and scalable web application is appreciable and essential for all, that is either from developer’s perspective or for the business person to promote business easily. As a perfect solution, node.js happens to be the right platform which is built on Chrome’s JavaScript run time. As it is open source, uses an event-driven non-blocking input/output (I/O) model, it is highly recommended for data-intensive real-time applications running across distributed devices. Node’s lightweight runtime facilitates rapid development and deployment of the application.

It is perfect for applications that involve exchange of information and not merely the computational process. Most of the application revolve around the JSON data exchange and image resources, while only cryptographic signing and compression (zipping) requires computational operations. As of today, there are millions of applications running on node.js and its adoption is getting increased day by day. It is pertinent for real-time colloborative apps, JSON based REST APIs, single page apps, client oriented Web UIs, mobile apps, HTML 5 apps, network apps, custom network services, and etc.

Installation is the first stage for any application development and helpfully, node.js web application development is compatible and easy for installation on either Windows, Mac or Linux PC. And further, the developers

Top 5 Apps to Hide your Secret Data & Performing App Management

In the times, when everyone has a smart phone and cannot wait enough before sharing every little moment with others, still some of you might wish to draw a line between private and professional lives. This means that even though you take snaps of everyone, you might wish to share only a selected few and the others you would not even wish anyone to see. So, it is recommended that whether you have Android based phones or iPhones, you would rather go for installing apps to hide the data in it. Let us discuss top 5 of these apps that you shall use for Android or iPhone for protecting your personal data.

1. Leo Privacy Guard Lock & Boost: This app is a product from LEO Network Technology Co., Limited, and works great on both Android phones and iPhones and helps in securing all the apps with just one click. You shall choose between Dot Lock, touch ID or with password. It has a QR Code reader, Private Camera, and a Private Album where you can store away all your images. Your personal messages and information like your card details can be stored in the Safe box. Now you can say

How You Can Earn by Doing Home Based Jobs Through Internet

Working from home is not only convenient, but also of great help for those who are unable to go out and work due to responsibilities or inabilities and yet need to earn some money. The following article aims to explore how you can earn by doing home based jobs through the internet.

Individuals who are keen on telecommuting, notwithstanding not having any assets, need not stress over the shortage of chances. While beyond any doubt most occupations require some measure of speculation, there are a couple of jobs which an individual can perform.. They can help an individual get to be independent or simply acquire a couple of additional rupees as an afterthought just by Home based internet earnings in Delhi.

Online Surveys for Money

Statistical surveying organizations oblige individuals to round out polls and take part in assessment surveys with the goal that they can give data that can be valuable to the producer or to the business occupied with giving some support of the masses by doing so they can get home based internet earning in Delhi. These statistical surveying organizations are willing to pay individuals for taking part in studies, following the information that is accumulated can be utilized for

How to Add RAM to Your Laptop

If you’ve ever switched from a desktop computer to a laptop, the experience can be liberating. While some might enjoy having a single space in which to work at a computer and organize files both physical and digital, a desktop can also keep you feeling anchored to the spot. It relies on electrical outlets 100 percent of the time, and carrying all of its bulky components from one place to the next isn’t convenient, either.

Laptops, however, run on batterypower, and, once sufficiently charged, can operate anywhere you carry them. They’re small, thin and lightweight, so whether you want to lounge on the couch or work at the coffee shop, laptops are portable and easy tools to use.

But the only real difference between a laptop and a desktop, of course, is how they’re put together. A laptop has all of the same hardware and accessories a desktop does, like a screen, a keyboard, a microprocessor, memory storage and a series of fans to cool the system down. Everything is just arranged differently since it needs to fit in a much smaller package. That means once you start building up more files, adding more pictures, uploading

Car Battery How to Maximize Its Life and Enjoy Trouble-Free Driving Experience

It is an undeniable fact that battery is the most important component, or more precisely the backbone of an automobile for the functionality it provides. A battery supplies electricity flow to the vehicle and helps it in starting. When the vehicle is started, the alternator inside it recharges the battery and the electrical system. The alternator controls varied electrical divisions. You must know that your responsibility does not end after buying a good quality and trusted branded car battery. Maintaining it properly and knowing how to maximize its power are also important things to do to have trouble-free driving experience for a long period of time.

The alternators use high voltage to start the engine. A car battery supplies fast jerk of power that is only possible with the help of alternator. This explains the necessity of quick jolt needed. The booster pack is used to enhance the power to a dead power unit. This device gives a good backup during emergencies. Another incredible trick of booster pack is rolling start. This can be applied to stick shift automobiles only. If you find the battery has stopped starting the engine, all you can do is push the car to make it

Usage of Technology at Institutions

Technology has given us the comfort and saves our time that is surely a big plus point for us, human being. These days, technology is taken the part of serving everywhere, whether it’s at home or whether it’s in office. Usages of techs are mostly used in various types of institutions like in school, colleges, and universities or business schools. At those places, the most used tech is the computer. There are various kinds of software installed on a computer and serves the purpose of different types. Like, software made for educational purposes serves one type, software made for business institutions are the other kinds. Tractor parts john deere are the parts used for the tractor.


In educational institutions, there are different types of tasks to be ready such as entering the student’s name, address, contact details, etc. personal details. Again, after examination, the marks, grades are also entered in the software deliberately. These things are stored in the computer and can be created and edited in any of the time. It’s a superb plus point for everyone, both for authorities of the institutions and for the students also. Wi-Fi services are

Ensure The Safety Of Your Music Discs With Best CD Jewel Cases

Do you want to protect your music cds from dust and dirt? If yes, then choose from the widest range of cd jewel cases available online. They are some of the popular types of cd packagings that protect the cds from scratches. These standard format of cd packaging have been prevalent since the introduction of the compact disc by Philips in 1982. These accessories are best to shield the data from the various harmful elements such as scratches, exposure, and dirt.

Basically, a jewel case is a compact cd case that gained popularity since it was first released in the year 1982. Today, it is the most common type of case found in many movie and record stores. It is a three piece case which measures 142 mm× 125 mm × 10 mm and comprises a back card and liner notes. It also contains two transparent halves which are attached together to create the casing. The unique construction of the cases provides unique storage for the cds. The case also has a back card which includes a table of the contents of the disc whereas the front facing inserts display the logos, titles or the artworks with several other additional information.


How to Keep Your Online SEO Material New

Past the Expiry Date

Time halts for no one – everything ages. This can be a positive thing, such as with a fine bottle of wine, but age is not always so affectionate; if you let items like cars and teeth age without suitable care or maintenance, they get worse and regularly stop working completely.

This applies to online business material too. There are still people who believe who can just put business material online and wait for it to stay precise, pertinent, and helpful, but this is not the case. Like other features of business, such as endorsing and product lines, online business material requires to be frequently revised if it’s going to aid a business do well.

It’s significant to pay heed to your SEO and its age. SEO has a shelf life, ultimately becoming nearly ineffective to your business. While you may not wish to do it, you have to be prepared to revive your SEO material so it maintains to benefit you and your business.

Inspect and Assess

Revising SEO means having to look at and assess content on a daily basis. By going through your online business results, you can get a feeling of where your search engine optimization is

How to Recover Deleted Notes From iPad

With the popularity of the iPad Note App, people have got rid of the need for pen and paper to write down scattered but important information from a very large extend. It’s very convenient to take notes with Notes app. However, just like any other electronic device, it also brought us a lager risk of losing data. Generally speaking, most iPad users have experienced data loss because of so many reasons, jail break, iOS update, mistaken deletion, etc. So, do we have to give up such an amazing feature of iPad? Of course not! We only need to use a good iPad note recovery program, but what is a good iPad note recovery program? And how to use it to recover lost notes from iPad? It must be a powerful and professional recovery tool which allows you to perform notes recovery efficiently. What’s more, it should be easy to use and have concise interface. Of course, it should be well compatible with all the mainstream operating system. And, by considering all these conditions, I’m going to recommend you the Tipard iPhone Data Recovery here. In the next part of the article, I will show you how to use

How to Repurpose Your Pre Owned Mobile Phone

Many of us will probably have a few old Preowned mobile laying around the house, still in tip top condition but too outdated to be used along with current technology. They may still have a lot of power and functions till left in them but what does one do with them? The thing is that you can turn them into daily life tools and save money on buying those gadgets brand new. If you’re not sure how this has to be done, here are three suggestions for you:

State of the art Security Camera:

A security camera is a great way to keep a secure watch on your home, office, dorm room and any other place or person while you’re out and busy. Buying and setting up a new system complete with internet connectivity will cost you a lot, but a cheaper way of getting things done is to use your Old phones with warranty and its cheaper than your typical commercial camera system. Any smartphone can take on the function of a motion based camera simply by installing the right app. It can also be turned into a live watch camera where you can use your internet connection along with your

Guide to Wireless Network Planning for Small Businesses

With more and more businesses relying on Microsoft Azure tools and other collaborative systems, wireless networks today need to be faster, more agile and in the position to improve productivity for its users. Tools such as Azure, and the increasing prevalence of cloud computing integration into existing IT systems compel businesses to invest in highly robust WLAN setups for enhance, seamless performance.

Here are a few things you want to take into account when planning your WLAN set-up.

Understand the Structure of your Building

Before you start planning your wireless setup, make it a point to familiarize yourself with the structure of your office building. Buildings made out of dense materials such as brick, rock walls, cinder blocks, stucco or adobe tend to weaken the wireless signal. This means that you may have to increase the number of access points to make sure that your staff has access to reliable connectivity at all times. Furthermore, elevator shafts, bathrooms and pipelines may also come in the way of connectivity.

The Power Requirements

After you have identified the number of access points, you want to determine your power needs. The power points around your office

Flying Robot Bees Can Now Swim

When given the choice between sinking and swimming, these RoboBees will swim every time.

We first wrote about Harvard scientists’ invention of robotic bees back in 2013. In some ways, not much has changed. The bees are still leashed to their power supply, too small to carry onboard computers and batteries. But in the past two years, they’ve picked up a new trick: they’ve learned how to swim.

The bees are so small and light that the surface tension of the water prevents them from delicately sinking into a glass. But the researchers found that if the bees cannonball into the water, they turn into very happy swimmers. As it turns out, moving through the air and moving through water aren’t that different for the RoboBees—they simply flap their wings more slowly underwater.

Needless to say, real bees and water don’t mix quite as well, and though RoboBees and real bees are similar sizes, they still have very different functions. Robot bees may one day be capable of pollinating crops, but that day is at least 20 years in the future.

For now, the researchers are

Robots Are Coming For The Garbagemans Job

As long as there are humans, there will be garbage. And, for a long time, it seemed inevitable that there would always be garbagemen, too, to collect that refuse. A new project by carmaker Volvo, recycling company Renova, Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology and Mälardalen University, and Penn State University wants to create robot assistants for garbage trucks. With automation, a human driver can stick to the road, and a robot can do the literal heavy lifting.

Dubbed Robot-based Autonomous Refuse handling, or ROAR, the project will feature a robot designed by Mälardalen University, control system designed by Chalmers University, and a control panel designed by Penn State. Combined, these efforts will hopefully yield a robot that can grab trash and toss it on board a Renova waste truck by June 2016.

Volvo’s release on the matter suggests the purpose behind ROAR is a system that collects garbage “without waking the sleeping families and without heavy lifting for the refuse truck’s driver,” but there’s little evidence yet that humanoid robots or quieter or more graceful than actual humans. In terms of cost, robots can certainly be cheaper than people, if the same already-employed

How We will Grow Food In The Future

This past winter, as near-record snows piled up outside his 30,000-square-foot warehouse off Lake Michigan, Robert Colangelo stood inside, bathed in blue and red LEDs, and surrounded by crops of butter lettuce and herbs.

Located 40 miles outside Chicago, this is Green Sense Farms, the largest indoor vertical farm in the U.S. The CEO of Green Sense, Colangelo grows produce—including micro-greens and basil—hydroponically, feeding them a constant stream of nutrient-rich water, in racks 25 feet high, beneath specialized LEDs, monitored by computer, and harvested as often as twice a week. “We can grow a large volume, in a small footprint, 365 days a year,” says Colangelo. “We’re not subject to rain or drought. We control the environment. So the weather is perfect every single day.”

Indoor vertical farming has become a major player in the niche market of locally grown, high margin, perishable greens—such as kale, watercress, and lettuces. It eliminates the need for pesticides. It reduces the spoilage that occurs from trucking perishable produce 3,000 miles across the continent. It significantly cuts the carbon footprint of farm tractors and refrigerated trucks. And it meets the growing demand for fresh produce among middle-class

How To Eat Without Food

Our attachment to food is antiquated. So the argument goes: It takes time and energy to buy and prepare, and it can lack nutrition (we tend to cook away the good stuff). We can now drink our meals. Meal-replacement shakes—different from protein drinks that serve as supplements—optimize nutrient efficiency, save money, and turn the messy business of eating with others into a hobby.


Ever since Soylent launched as a powder in 2013, it’s been a trend among Silicon Valley coders. Now it comes in even more convenient 14-ounce drink bottles. Each bottle holds 400 calories (you need six or seven to maintain a minimum daily calorie requirement for an active adult).The new release includes soy for its primary protein source and algae—in the form of algal oil—for half of its fat content. Texture: cow’s milk.


Thought of as an organic alternative to Soylent, Ambronite is made from a list of easy-to-recognize, easy-to-pronounce ingredients, including oats, rice bran, and flaxseed. You can probably live off it, but it is pitched as a “productivity tool” for creative types stuck in lunch meetings or grinding through weekend hackathons. Each bag

Could Algorithms Become Fashion Trendsetters

We have trained machines to dream, but can we make them follow their dreams of moving to New York to become a fashion designer? In a world where startups use algorithms to find the next fashion trends, it’s not impossible that computers could go beyond finding what’s popular, and start creating it. Stitch Fix, a fashion startup that aims to provide a personal shopping experience remotely, already uses machine learning to understand its customers’ tastes. Last week, Stitch Fix data scientist TJ Torres poked into the potential future of computer-generated clothing designs.

Titled “Deep Style: Inferring the Unknown to Predict the Future of Fashion,” Torres’ post details a process not unlike that used by Google this summer to generate those really freaky images with dog faces everywhere. The core technology is an artificial neural network that can be trained to recognize a specific object by analyzing pictures of it, and gradually the computer builds up its own picture of what the object looks like. Sometimes, the computers’ results are spot on. Sometimes, they misidentify Yoda from Star Wars as a giraffe. It’s a kind of machine learning, and even the bad answers are informative.

Library Will Vote On Giving Patrons Access To Anonymous Tor Browsers

Hiding from surveillance is a good way to get noticed by law enforcement in the US. Tor, is a free browser tool that sends traffic from a users’ computer through several different servers and machines, making it unclear where the request originated. In light of the revelations from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden about massive government surveillance of the internet and telecommunications, the Kilton Public Library in Lebanon, New Hampshire became part of the Tor network. This meant some traffic from anonymous users on the Tor network would pass through the computers in New Hampshire, regardless of their point of origin. The Kilton library joined Tor in July. Shortly thereafter, the received an email from the Department of Homeland Security.

Homeland Security contacted the local police department, and police and city officials had a meeting with the library in mid August. In response, the library shut down its Tor nodes. Next week, on September 15th, the Library is voting whether to turn its nodes back on. Apparently, when making their case, police officials discussed the benefits that anonymous browsing can provide to criminals.

That may be the case, but anonymity benefits far more

Russia Shows Off Robotic Cockroach

The secret roach’s name was Death’s Head, aka Blaberus Cranifer, and it came from Russia on a mission. It is a small, mechanical beast, styled after the death’s head cockroach. According to Russian state-owned Sputnik news site, it was built in seven months by a group at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, for a vague Russian organization. That vague group’s requirements? “It should be externally similar to a cockroach, it must have the physical size of a [very large] cockroach and it should have the behavior pattern as close to a living cockroach as possible.”

Besides floundering on its back, the roach can run, and it sports a surprisingly well-designed ovoid body shield.

The roach has a 20-minute battery life, and according to Sputnik, “The robot can carry up to a 10-gram payload making it of interest to the military, as a miniature robot with a portable camera can penetrate into hard-to-reach places.”

It’s certainly an impressive machine, but it’s hard to imagine it was designed from scratch (well, with a head start from nature) and built entirely in 7 months. We’ve seen round backs on robotic roaches in research from the